Our planet, Earth, functions as a substantial magnet, emitting a magnetic force that flows from its north pole to the south pole. This inherent magnetic force plays a pivotal role in supporting various physiological functions in the human body and forms a natural protective barrier known as the magnetosphere.

However, modern lifestyles often involve residing in reinforced concrete buildings and traveling in steel-constructed vehicles, which can disrupt our exposure to Earth’s natural magnetism. These materials tend to absorb and impede the Earth’s magnetic field, potentially leading to disruptions in blood circulation, disturbances in the autonomic nervous system, and discomfort.

Only living in a normal geomagnetic field can guarantee the health and continuation of life. Therefore, like sunlight, wind, water, and nutrition, geomagnetism is the 5th element for life to survive.

“The Uncreated Universe is Light Undivided.
The Created Universe is Light Divided into Mated Pairs”

~ Dr.Walter Russel



Geomagnetism Earth Element



All Chronic Disease is Characterised By Inadequate Voltage

by Dr Jerry Tennat

Have you ever heard of cellular voltage? It’s crucial because it plays a major role in ensuring our bodies function properly. Cellular voltage is essential for the functioning of our cells, our ability to recover from illness, and our overall health. Maintaining the right level of cellular voltage is key to preventing illness and supporting our natural healing processes. Our cells need -25 millivolts of energy to run correctly and -50 millivolts to make new cells. Here’s another way of saying it: Our cells need a PH of between 7.35 and 7.45. PH levels can be analyzed by measuring the voltage in a liquid.

If your cells don’t have adequate voltage, they can’t metabolize oxygen.
So when a cell reaches 7PH or 0 millivolts, that means the oxygen in the cell has all but disappeared, and the cell flips polarity. Stem cells will then recognize that signal and come to ‘help’ by invading the local blood supply and creating a massive blood vessel, which we call cancer.

Our Tera-P90 device has been developed to enhance our cells and expedite the healing process by utilizing PEMF and Terahertz frequencies by increasing the voltage of our cells.

Tera-P90 Terahertz / PEMF Therapy Device

Bioelectromagnetic technology involves the application of specific electromagnetic frequencies to cells within the body. With the Tera-P90, we use PEMF & Terahertz frequencies to achieve this. These frequencies are carefully selected to have a positive impact on cellular functions.

The underlying principle is that cells are sensitive to electromagnetic signals and can respond to them in various ways. Bioelectromagnetic therapy aims to replicate the Earth’s natural magnetic pulses, supporting the body’s electromagnetic field and enhancing cellular energy. It is commonly utilized for various health purposes, including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health, tumor care and recovery, stroke management, and addressing age-related conditions.

Think of bioelectromagnetics as a cellular energy booster, aiding cells in acquiring the energy they need.

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